How to remove a lace wig

How to Remove Your Glued-on Lace Wig?

Here’s four easy steps for successfully removing your lace wig without ripping and damaging your edges:

Step One:

You can use any kind of oil that you have at home (baby oil, castor oil and or cooking oil). Pour a little bit of the oil onto your hairline, not too much though just a couple of drops across the hairline. Get a napkin or clean cloth that you can use to dab the hairline in order to gently loosen the glue.easy to remove the glue

Step Two:

Start by patting your hairline in dab motion, using the napkin or cloth to saturate the bonded area with oil.  and rub gently using backward strokes for a few minutes.

Step Three:

You will notice that you can still see the glue on your hairline. the oil helps to gently remove the wig without ripping off your natural edges. Remember not to pull the wig off! use more oil to to loosen up the glue. remove glue from your wig

Now, gently, massage the hairline and start to feel the wig loosening up and easily coming off. The wig is off but you will notice the glue residue remaining on the lace wig!

Tip: Don’t rub alcohol because it is drying and destroys the skin and hair if used too much.

Step Four:

You can use more oil than the first step in order to make it easier to clean the glue residue on your hairline.

Now that your wig has been successfully uninstalled, Hooray!!!

How to Wash Off the Glue From the Lace Wig

put your wig in a sink and grab an old toothbrush. You will wet the wig in soapy water, you can choose regular Human Hair Shampoo to clear the glue off the hairline on your wig.

Gently scrub the goo out, Don’t be too hard on it because you don’t want it to tear or get damaged from this process!

Rinse the entire wig with cool water, then use a towel to absorb the moisture and let it air dry.

The Final Stage:

All of the below steps are quiet fast and wont take you more than 15 minutes. If you want a gentler way to remove the glue from your wig, we recommend leaving the oil in your hair for at least 15 minutes, then gently combing the softened glue with a fine-toothed comb.

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